2011年9月28日 星期三

[♥Taiwan] Military Dependants’ Village

     Am I being too patriotic or showing any political pan-green or pan-blue stand if I categorise this travelling review in Taiwan as [♥Taiwan]? I was afraid that certain people will judge me or use a strict point of view to challenge me, but then I thought: Taiwan is such a great country and all man love Formosa! So “♥Taiwan” is just the best category that comes to my mind, and I decided to keep this idea unless there is a better one.

     Recently people are talking fervently about the Military-dependant's village which has become more obvious after the series “Time Story” was broadcasted in 2008. Everyone is talking about the fashion, the life style, and the food of the military-dependant’s village. It’s like an infection or a fever that no one can get away with it. So after 3 years, here I present a blog reviewing Military Dependants’ Village

44 South Village
     It’s the first military-dependant’s village in Taipei City and it has been reconstructed to Xinyi Public Assembly Hall & Cultural Park by the government. The whole military-dependant’s village includes the exhibition hall, the performance stadium, the community hall, the plaza, and the park. The cultural park was rebuilt from the air-raid shelters; however you only see several green hills which are like anything but the air-raid shelters. 44 South Village is located in the most expensive area, XinYi District. The famous Taipei 101, World Trade Centre, TICC, and the grand and luxury apartments of A-Mei are all in the neighbourhood. It completely showcases a strong collision just like the photo below:

     I was focusing more on the bagel store in 44 South Village rather than the village itself, so here I will also put more focus on introducing this restaurant named Good Cho's. 

     Good Cho's lies in the centre of 44 South Village which as mentioned earlier is a restaurant selling bagels. On entering the gate, it's like a platform for those emerging designers or cultural/creative ordinary people to exhibit their works. As I recall, a girl attending the same high school as I did (SSSH) had a photography exhibition on the day I went to Good Cho's. The next "barrier" before reaching to the restaurant is a shop that sells various design works and some products featuring Taiwan. To be honest, the way how they display and the overall layout attract me as a compulsive consumer. Finally, it's the restaurant! Good Cho's is not like NY Bagels even though they feature "Bagels." Why is that and what's the difference you might ask. Good Cho's combines the flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and last but not least, the main ingredients for the flavour, whether it is sesame, chocolate, and even the goose oil with the Sanhsin scallions. It's probably the most special and also pretty local flavour! *Sanhsin scallion is originated in Yi-Lan, a city in the North-East of Taiwan. Good Cho's also sells something like Auntie Annes's Pretzel Dog whether its look or even the taste is quite similar to it. I like Auntie Annes Pretzel Dog better though, for it's juicier, and the dough is absolutely softer and more chewy! Yummmmmmm! I won't say that Good Cho is highly recommended because I think some food there is overpriced which in fact can be found way cheaper elsewhere. However, the neighbourhood is worth visiting because the constructions have some retro features that will make people can't help but leave a lot of snapshots there! 

Rainbow Military Dependants’ Village
     It is located in Taichung City near the Ling Tung University. It was almost torn down before, yet people started the petition by writing to the Mayor of Taichung City and as a result an overwhelming amount of mails packed Mayor Hu's mail box. In the end, the "Saving Rainbow Military Dependants' Village" action works! This military Dependants' Village is famous for Grandpa Rainbow's paintings. Grandpa Rainbow
, Huang Yong-Fu (黃永阜), out of nowhere started to paint the wall of his house on a random day. His neighbours found it cute and interesting that they all asked Grandpa Rainbow to paint for their house. From one house to a whole village, from the floor to the wall of the entire village, it's the masterpiece of Grandpa Rainbow, Huang Yong-Fu (黃永阜). 

     Let's be bitchy here, or be more critical here. Grandpa Rainbow's painting would probably get a 74 out of 100, or just a B- if it were a school assignment in the art course. But when I witnessed his paintings covering the Rainbow Military Dependants' Village, I was stunned, amazed, and intrigued. It's so eye-catching because of the variety and the saturation of the colours and the figures in his painting made me think of Matryoshka (a.k.a: the Russian Dolls). 

     There were many travellers visiting Rainbow Military Dependants' Village, especially on weekends. So watch out people! Here are some golden rules when you visit there or any other tourist spots: Squeeze Yourself, Excuse Yourself, and 1, 2, 3 Say Cheese!

     Grandpa Rainbow also integrated some wishes and auspicious words into his paintings, and people are like charmed when they take pictures with them. My friends and I also took pictures in front of the walls having Take Good Care, Be Healthy, Make Big Money, etc. as if we would be blessed or become a millionaire the day after. 

     You will find Grandpa Rainbow painting on the spot, and visitors can get his autographed painting and take picture with him if they buy beverages. As understood, the earnings are used for purchasing pen brushes and paints.

     I like Rainbow Military Dependants' Village more because I am an exaggerated, overreacted, and what not person that such colourful village is like a work of art to me. What's more, I saw Grandpa Rainbow in flesh!! See, celebrity endorsement here :) I am gonna visit Treasure Hill, another military dependants' village in Taiwan. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you then!


[愛台灣] 四四南村 v.s 彩虹眷村

2011年9月27日 星期二

[愛台灣] 四四南村 v.s 彩虹眷村





好丘就座落在四四南村的中心,緊鄰著的就是信義公民會館還有剛剛提到的防空洞綠色小山丘,這是一個專賣杯狗的店,一進門處大概是一些新興設計師或是文創小人物的舞台吧,有一大面牆不時的會有一些攝影展的展出,我記得當天還看到自己認識的:kamod 女子游泳隊 攝影展感覺特別的親切。要進到真正的餐廳前還有一道關卡,是一間賣很多設計小物還有台灣特色商品的商店,陳列的方式會讓人想購買。終於進入這間販賣跟恩歪杯狗不一樣的杯狗的店了!它的口味是與麵糰融合在一起,而不僅僅只是將餡料用杯狗麵包夾住而已(當然也是有提供這樣的產品啦!),比較令人吃驚的大概就是鵝油三星蔥吧!它還有一個商品是我蠻熱愛的,其時我好像沒辦法客觀的說它好吃的點在哪,但因為我很懷念在紐約吃的Auntie Annes Pretzel Dog,它不僅僅外型像連吃起來都有那樣的風味(不過還是Auntie Annes的勝出:汁更多、麵糰更Q嫩),我覺得可以推薦給想念這項商品的人們,就像想念Junior's Cheese Cake的人可以去恩歪杯狗點一個來吃 (我對於我完全做到毫無偏袒得推薦感到蠻得意的)不過好丘的消費我覺得沒有很便宜,像說它一杯很小杯的芭樂汁就要一百多元,用很漂亮瓶子裝的茶也快要兩百元,不過好丘周邊的建築和特色會讓人很想不斷的拍照:







For English version, please refer to:

[♥Taiwan] Military Dependants’ Village

2011年9月25日 星期日



仔細想想,在英國念碩士要一年,念大學要三年(在蘇格蘭要四年),念博士大概要等著在英國結婚了吧!所以這時候住的問題就很重要了!今日我就要來分析住的面向!但背景因素僅限於University of St.Andrews,其他英國的城市的情況不盡相同,所以僅供參考。

在St.Andrews我好像每棟宿舍都有去過,Gannochy, Fife Park, Deans Court, New Hall, Albany Park, Angus House, Stanley Smith House, Hope Street都去過,還有去過一些自己在外面租房子的,未來可以大家分享一些精闢的Pros & Cons,但本篇主攻我住了一年的David Russell Apartments!


我在念碩士的期間,在David Russell Apartments住了一年,這是Andy宿舍中最昂貴的宿舍(不過在我快念完離開的時候,學校又興建了一棟在DRA旁邊的胞弟宿舍Fife Park Apartments,長得一模一樣,價錢也一模一樣,2011-12宿舍收費)

如下圖左下角處一群怎麼看起來很像墓碑的地方,而所謂的St.Andrews這個鎮的"鎮中心"則是右上方North, Market, South Street處 (簡單介紹篇:[留英紀實] St.Andrews都被我們暱稱為Andy)

走到downtown (圖書館, Tesco, Costa, Starbucks...)約15~20分鐘 
走道語言學校, Physics, Chemical, Mathematics Building,約7~10分鐘







走廊--這就是進去一個Flat裡面的樣貌,有五間房間以及一間廚房。Henry是每個Flat都會附的,因為DRA沒有Cleaning Lady, 所有整潔都要靠Flatmates共同維護。



DRA是雙人床,不管你是住在en-suite還是studio,床旁有一個可移動式床頭櫃(共三層抽屜),床的兩旁各有一個固定在床頭板上的床頭燈。進門處是衣櫃,分成左右兩個區塊,左邊分成四層,可以隨意利用,右方則分成衣架區,以及下方的鞋子擺放區,空間算是足夠 (雖然我還是自己購買了一個組合式衣架,但主要是用來曬衣服,或是懶的折衣服的時候先暫掛用。還有一個全身鏡,個人覺得非常貼心♥


廚房--住宿舍除了在房間寫作業上Facebook看康熙來了,在廚房待的時間可說是非常的多,DRA的廚房頗大,一個人可以分到一個櫃子,kettle, 烤麵包機、微波爐都是共用的,有一個冰箱、雙層烤箱、洗碗機、新式水龍頭(冷熱合一)<--這個點很重要,很多英式老舊的房子,水龍頭是冷熱分開的,在冬天會很想死!!有四個爐子,不是用瓦斯而是用電的那種,就是不太能大火快炒,而且電的也會爆掉喔!像我就遇到爆掉過!